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Which unit should you buy? How do you measure energy efficiency?

Which unit should we buy?

It is important to understand that there are many variables to consider when sizing up your system. Ceiling height, insulation, direction of the sun, window size and room size all have a bearing on the kW per square metre you must allow for the area you wish to condition.

How do we measure Energy Efficiency?

All split systems have an energy input and energy output specification. In simple terms this means that the heat created by the refrigerant can produce around three times more power than what they unit will draw from your power supply if the EER or COP is 3.00 This is also known as the EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio (cooling) and the COP or Co-efficiency of Performance (heating)
Note: If you divide the output capacity with the input capacity you will get a ratio.

Therefore this is by far the best way to recognise a unit’s energy efficiency.

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